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In hotel: three cases: Deluxe, Royal Club (with VIP service) and Royal Tower located round a cozy beach. 350 numbers, including 26 Towers Suites, 3 Business Suites, 1 Royal Suites and 7 family numbers. Round-the-clock service. Laundry, dry-cleaner, conditions for holding meetings, parking and car rental, beauty shop, trade gallery, safe, currency exchange. In numbers: all numbers with a balcony: the conditioner with individual regulation, satellite television, phone with the international exit, connection to the Internet, a minibar, the hair dryer.

In the evening it is possible to walk along the embankment and to look at the fountains having freakish names - "Dalla", "Pearls", "The flying swans". Besides, in Abu Dhabi there are more than twenty public parks and gardens where it is possible to have a rest and admire the nature well.

The separate department of the company - "Emireyts Skaykargo" is engaged in air freight transportation. It is one of the most fast-growing cargo air carriers in the world which developed the systems and means providing the fast, guaranteed and reliable transportation of freights at any stage of their movement. The airbuses "Emireyts" 330-200s have holds with a capacity of 78 cubic meters and can transport to 13000 kg of freight at full passenger load of the plane.

Sport: 2 pools with control of water temperature, 2 lit tennis courts, squash court, a gym, a sauna, a steam room, massage. Improving center SPA. To children: paddling pool, mini-club, nurse (on demand).

Beach: The hotel has three closed completely equipped a beach (towels, plank beds, umbrellas - is free). Water sports. Aquapark: the hotel is connected to the aquapark "WILD WADI" an artificial embankment. An entrance to an aquapark for living in hotel - besplatno./11/

The United Arab Emirates are a federation of seven independent states lying along east coast of Arabian Peninsula. The United Arab Emirates consist of 7 certain emirates: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fudzheyra, Adzhman, Ras-sl-Hayma, Umm-al-Kuveyn. The United Arab Emirates, the earth with the ancient history rich with culture and traditional hospitality. In the north the state borders on Qatar, in the West and the South - on Saudi Arabia, in the east - on the Sultanate of Oman. In the north it is washed Persian, in the east - Omani by gulfs. Total area is 83 657 thousand sq.km/9,10/

Fudzheyra - is located on East coast, on the bank of the Indian Ocean. Not only mountains make a picturesque landscape of the district, but also monuments, ancient tombs and the Portuguese ports. The international hotels of Fudzheyra are surrounded with fantastic places for scuba diving, delightful mountains and the sea coast. The ideal vacation spot for those who prefers a privacy and silence, for fans of the nature. Valleys among mountains smoothly go down to the sea and open to a look ancient structures - Bediya's mosque (14 century). Bullfights twice a week are carried out to Fudzheyre. There is no blood expectation, bulls are simply linked by horns, competing in dexterity and ability to win. As soon as the weak participant loses confidence, he simply retires from a battle place./5,8/

When bathing it is necessary to consider that beaches are located on the ocean coasts therefore inflow and otliva rather strong, and coastal currents often have unpredictable character. Immersions should be carried out only accompanied by the local instructors well familiar with character of surrounding waters.

Restaurants: "Wavebreaker" - a grill bar on a beach, "Pergola" - salads and desserts, "Pachanga" - the Latin American restaurant with a terrace and bar, "Oceana - coffe Shop, "BiCe" - restaurant of the Mediterranean kitchen with a terrace and bar, "Axis" - bar with a terrace, bar at the pool.

In the United Arab Emirates find a shelter in the winter migratory birds from Siberia of both Central Asia, and a way of those who flies further, also pass through these places. Conditions for supervision over flight of birds from any the European or located in the Middle East country here out of konkurentsii./5,6,7,9,10,12,13/