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The trick to write a critique essay 3 steps to analyze a business process

One of the most widespread indicators - rhythm coefficient. Its size is defined by summation of the actual specific weight of release for every period, but their no more planned level.

In the course of the analysis it is necessary to count the missed possibilities of the enterprise for production in connection with spasmodic work. It is a difference between the actual and possible production, estimated proceeding from the greatest average daily (srednedekadny) output.

The internal reasons of arrhythmy - a serious financial condition of the enterprise, low level of the organization, technology and material support of production, and also planning and control, external — untimely delivery of raw materials and materials suppliers, a lack of energy resources not because of the enterprise, etc.

In the analysis of the factors influencing change of volume of realization the structure of the realized production is investigated. Specific weight of the main (profile) production of the enterprise, production of nonindustrial farms is defined. If the share of the main production is low, it testifies to need of transition to release of new production, a reshaping of the enterprise.

Researches are conducted as in general on the enterprise, and by separate types of production. Level of implementation of the plan for the enterprise, products, responsible for non-performance is specified in conclusions. In conclusion of the analysis develop concrete actions for elimination of the reasons of spasmodic work.