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In other words, though at present one of requirements can dominate, activity of the person thus is stimulated not only it. Moreover, Maslou notes: "Still we said that hierarchical levels of requirements have the fixed order, but actually this hierarchy not such "rigid" as we believed. It is the truth that for most of people with whom we worked, their basic needs settled down approximately in that order as we specified. However there was also a number of exceptions. There are people for whom, for example, the self-esteem is more important, than love".

Social requirements, needs for participation sometimes called — this concept including feeling of belonging to what or to someone, feeling that you are accepted by others, feelings of social interaction, attachment and support.

As with development of the person as persons extend his potential opportunities, the need for self-expression can be never completely satisfied. Therefore also process of motivation of behavior through requirements is infinite.

In order that the following, higher level of hierarchy of requirements started influencing behavior of the person, it is not obligatory to satisfy requirement of lower level completely. Thus, hierarchical levels are not discrete steps. For example, people usually start looking for the place in some community how their needs for safety will be provided or their physiological requirements are completely satisfied.

Thus, creation of workplaces with more complex challenges and bigger responsibility has positive motivational effect for many workers, but not for all at all. The head has to mean an element of chance always. For motivation there is no one best way. That is effective for motivation of one people, is absolutely unimportant for others. Besides, the organizations for the nature complicate practical implementation of the theories of motivation focused on certain individuals. Interdependence of works, a lack of information on results of work of certain people, frequent changes in official duties because of specifics of technology of service in hotel and restaurant economy — all this aggravates complexity of motivation. The example 1 acquaints with opportunities of improvement of labor ethics.

Substantial theories of motivation first of all try to define the requirements inducing people to action, especially when scoping and contents of work. At a laying of bases of modern concepts of motivation works of three people had the greatest value: Abraham Maslou, Frederik Gertsberg and David Makklelland.