Persuasive Essay With Arwa Mahdawi

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— The social and infrastructure component of regionality should be understood as set structurally and functionally interconnected spheres and forms of activity: the place of residence and work, system of service, leisure, mass information (it is so-called primary sociocultural habitat of people

Within the cultural and historical concept of development of the personality, the richness of identity is defined and provided with influence of historically developing culture; success of socialization and an individualization of the personality is set by her welfare context, and as object of optimization of these processes the zone of the next development — the welfare environment as the leading space of dwelling of the person, a condition of formation and realization of its potentials is considered

Sociocultural design — is technology of the solution of problems in the conditions of the maximum uncertainty of tasks and variability of their possible decisions. Therefore certain starting positions which define the general reference points and a world outlook framework of design activity are extremely important.

Thus, the culture as object of programming represents the difficult and multilevel phenomenon. In the technological plan object of design is not the branch with the relevant institutions, and culture — as the universal and penetrating all elements and standards of living component. Therefore, the strategic problem of design at the regional level consists in support of the self-organizing welfare habitat of the person, creation of system of the conditions promoting self-development and self-organization of cultural life of the territory.

— Architectural and planning (or spatial and subject) a living environment of the person — man-made part of a human environment. It is expressed in type of settlements and it is perceived as a measure of integrity of visually perceived subject space.

Thus, the welfare environment is understood as all set of the social and spiritual factors and conditions which are directly surrounding the person in the course of his activity. The emphasis on optimization of sociocultural habitat is caused by that circumstance that it is the fundamental factor determining human values, norms, ideals, etc. (along with the family and household and all-ideological atmosphere of societies.

Fourthly, the object of regional design (the city, the area) represents for the person living there cultural and esthetic habitat (including parks, landscape and walking zones, open vacation spots and leisure, etc.). In a situation of adverse conditions of cultural and esthetic habitat of a task of the program will consist in its arrangement, saturation by its cultural and historical symbols, values and meanings (for example, by means of optimization of toponymic structure — names of streets, landscape zones, etc.)

Principle of a personifitsirovannost of process and results of sociocultural design. It means, first, the alternativeness of ideas and projects creating conditions for free self-implementation, self-realization of the person means of cultural activity by the Basis of behavior of the person within the project has to become its internally determined amateur performance and creative activity. Self-realization of the personality, transfer of social values to the personal it is impossible without amateur performance of the person, his counter activity on assimilation of public norms and ideals. It is not enough know that there is a good, justice, mercy – each person should rediscover as if these values for himself in the course of spiritual self-construction, it is necessary to carry out these values in the conditions of daily occurrence.

Realization of environmental approach in design practice assumes vision of the region as difficult and multilevel sociocultural education which feature is defined by action of a number of social, historical and cultural, infrastructure factors and conditions. In the course of definition of priority areas of design and at a stage of development design decisions need to be analyzed a welfare situation in the region from various parties:

Therefore, the sense of design consists not in rigid management of cultural processes or cultural development in sense of branch, infrastructure, but in support of the self-organizing welfare environment for which the culture is the immanent, universal and penetrating it component.