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Now it is a little about destiny of the palace. In it restoration works are carried out, the territory is strictly protected, no official information on plans of the municipal and city authorities concerning the estate managed to find. According to informal information — in the palace there will be a hotel and restaurant.

The way from Pokrovsky paved through the wood in Of Elizabeth became an axis of future huge park. Here we see the remains of the old lime avenue, buketny landings of lindens, copies of a plakuchy form of a linden, continuous carpets a barvinka and huge old pines.

A peculiar planning of the estate in general remained up to now. In the middle of the XIX century there were two greenhouses. The architectural and park ensemble of Pokrovsky-Streshnev was created generally at Elizabeth Petrovna.

Other part of park which is directly adjoining the house was created in the last decades of the last century. Landings of an elm smooth are very interesting. In one hole three trees which trunks were pulled together in a whole landed. It became, probably, in a short space of time to receive a tree with a thick trunk and extensive sprawling krone. Having looked narrowly at such tree, it is possible to notice longitudinal wrinkles on bark in junctions of three trunks, and also that the krone fanlikely disperses on three parts, to respectively three trunks. Height such" threefold" a tree — 34 meters, diameter of the general trunk is about 111 centimeters. In park there are trees which are connected only in the most lower part and at the height of 2-3 meters disperse on three trunks.

Evgenia Fiodorovna paid much attention to park, but she only destroyed by it integrity and a harmony of old park: to lime avenues in regular part of park larches and representatives of such breeds as an ash-tree pennsylvanian landed.

Remained in places the remains of park landings of that time. From the base of the ancient house there were only traces. On the hill and slopes very old oaks and a few old elms grow. And the largest tree is the poplar white 35 meters high, with a diameter of trunk of 129 centimeters here.

Round a big pond the beach zone where medium-sized trees with spherical krone attract attention now settles down. Such krone – not work of hands of the gardener, but one more surprising gift of the nature. It is one of decorative forms of a willow fragile, or brittle willows.

Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo — not only the fine green corner of the capital extremely convenient for rest of citizens, but also a monument of our history and culture. It is one of the oldest noble estates which in many respects kept the initial shape. The park, of course, is started, but is still extraordinary attractive. In it separate park compositions remained, it is a lot of old and even very old trees. Certainly, this surprising creation of the nature and hands of the person should be kept completely for contemporaries and descendants.