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In the general plan the concept of pollution of the atmosphere includes considerable number of the actions and the phenomena conducting to deterioration of initial, its natural quality. In narrower sense corresponding to the concept coordinated within the countries which are logging in Komekon and some other, pollution of the atmosphere is understood as emission firm, liquid and the gaseous polluting substances. It is considered that the polluting substances – is what make negative impact on environment or directly, after chemical changes in the atmosphere, or in combination with other substances.

Vitamin therapy. It is necessary to appoint vitamins of group B, C, K,PP which influence regeneration of the haematogenic fabric, restore oxidation-reduction processes, influence synthesis of hemoglobin and proteins and prevention of bleeding.

In SHPK labor protection much attention is paid to Ivaninskaya Agricultural firm. In economy there is a safety engineer who checks a condition of labor protection, controls performance by officials and engineering

During the work in agriculture with a large horned it is necessary to observe the safety rule which cannot be violated and for which violation of the person, guilty of violation, are made responsible.

- technical workers of rules and norms on equipment of a and production sanitation. Responsibility for providing healthy working conditions on branches of a is born by chief specialists. Workers according to safety measures to labor protection it is instructed in a look:

Apply all-stimulating and all-strengthening a. In the course of treatment it is necessary to consider the changed of an organism of the irradiated animal on means. It is caused by essential violations of adaptive and regulatory Functions of nervous and endocrine systems.

Applying these preparations, it is necessary to consider features of their action. Vitamins of group B stimulate blood formation, accelerate maturing of erythrocytes in marrow, influence hemoglobin synthesis. Vitamin C regulates the level and intensity of oxidation-reduction processes in cages, participates in synthesis of hormones of bark of and DNA, possesses diuretichesky property.

Special attention is paid on quality and preparation of. During recovery of an animal apply a, the stimulating blood formation, a metabolism and means according to indications. In process of disappearance of these or those signs of violation, medical actions gradually stop, however vitamin therapy and of a leykopoez apply and after a clinical of an animal.